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Dr. Lori Kalie at Reading Accident Injury Care in Reading, PA, not only can provide the very best care for soft injuries to help your clients recover from their injuries, but can also help by providing the best documentation possible for your cases. A few years ago, Dr. Kalie decided that she wanted to specialize in auto accident cases. She have taken many seminars to learn as much as much as she could about being the best personal injury doctor and how to best help the attorneys representing the individuals who had been injured.

Dr. Kalie uses special software to document auto accident cases. This software is called Liberator II. (You can find more information out about the software at Liberator II interfaces with the insurances companies’ software to get as many “decision points” as possible for the case. The decision points will translate into a dollar value in the claim.

Through the many PI seminars that Dr. Kalie has taken, she has learned to become the best diagnostician as possible. She knows when it is appropriate to order EMGs, NCVs, MRIs, and special X-ray views.  She has, on average, 20 diagnosis codes per patient.  She gets the diagnoses from my examinations and from the results of EMGs, NCVs, MRIs, and special X-ray views to find broken bones that other practitioners would not have knowledge to order. She also utilized CRME (Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis) to prove ligament laxity in patients when it is necessary to show proof of such. (Ligament laxity, if present, can account for as much as 25% of the case value.)

Liberator II  is based on the AMA Guides, which is what the insurance companies use to evaluate and assign dollar values to their cases. Liberator II is so comprehensive that it will produce a SOAP note for each visit that is approximately eight to ten pages long. After completing treatment for your client, she will order an independent medical validation. The medical validation will serve three purposes. The first is to get a second opinion from another doctor that he/she will agree that on the diagnoses and treatment that she renders for that individual patient. The second is that it will allow us to establish an impairment rating for that patient. (The AMA Guides only allow MDs to give an impairment rating.) The third is that it will establish the greater weight challenge in the case.

Liberator II produces a demand letter that you will be given access to after Dr. Kalie has completed treatment with the patient. The demand letter is a mirror image of her SOAP notes. If you choose to use this demand letter, it will help free up considerable amounts of time for you or your paralegal as you won’t have to copy treatment notes into your own demand letter. You will only need to enter legal and administrative factors and put it on your letterhead to mail to the insurance company.

There are many other benefits of working with Reading Accident & Injury Care and the Liberator II software in order to receive higher settlement values for your clients. Dr. Kalie would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about her practice and how she may help you and your clients. Please feel free to contact her at any time at (484) 577-4413.