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Five Questions to Ask Your Treating Doctor After You Have Been in a Car Accident

yay-3198469The insurance companies have hired software companies to write programs that assist them in giving auto accident victims less money than what they deserve in claims settlements. Colossus was the first program developed. There have been many other software programs written since for the same purpose.

An adjuster at the insurance company will enter data from the treatment notes (SOAP notes) that they receive from the doctor. The data that they add from the doctor’s notes are called “Decision Points” and “Value Drivers.” These decision points and value drivers will equate to a dollar amount that will determine the claim value.

Ask your doctor the following questions to see if they are knowledgeable about how insurance companies work to value claims.

  1. What software do you use for SOAP Notes to counter the insurance companies’ evaluation software?
  2. How do you gather “Duties Under Duress” and “Loss of Enjoyment” to add to your SOAP Notes?
  3. Do you use supplemental HICFA forms to send to the insurance companies?
  4. Do you use the words “Whiplash” or “Soft Tissue” in your SOAP Notes? (They should NOT.)
  5. How do you produce a whole person impairment rating and reference the AMA Guides in your SOAP notes?

If the doctor does not provide you will sufficient answers to these questions, you most certainly will lose money in your settlement. The doctor that you see for your injuries from an auto accident not only has to be a great clinician and provide the very best care to you to get you feeling better, but must be knowledgeable in the way to get the insurance companies gather the information that they need to properly assess your claim. You do not want to lose money because you are seeing a doctor that cannot properly handle your personal injury case.

Dr. Lori Kalie, DC at Reading Accident and Injury Care in Reading, PA has been helping patients to get higher settlement values in their cases for sevreal years now. She uses software called “Liberator II” that interfaces with the insurance comapnies’ software to insure that the necessary decision points and value drivers are entered by the adjusters. Dr. Kalie works with many different doctors that do not use this special software. If you have been seen by other doctors, you can get examined by Dr. Kalie. Dr. Kalie can get the information from your other doctors, and add it into the SOAP notes in Liberator II, so that the insurance cojmpany will have all of the information that is needed from all of your doctors. Dr. Kalie also works with many attorneys who understand the process of getting you the most out of your settlement and can refer you to an attorney, if necesssary.

Please call our office if you have any questions. We are here to help you get what you deserve in your settlement.